Damn. Three weeks since my last update. Almost like a musiconfessional (haw haw. See what I did there?).

Great past weekend though, Woodsist/Captured Tracks weekend was as great as expected. Some great bands, some okay ones, but nothing TOO terrible. Plus, the weather was perfect (for once), so staying outside all day was wonderful.

The highlight for me was definitely Dum Dum Girls. I liked them a lot before I saw them live, but goddamn, for a first show...:

Yeah. Pretty great. One hell of a DIY-star studded line up also. Mike Sniper (Blank Dogs) on bass, Frankie Rose (Crystal Stilts) on drums, and dude from Crocodiles (sry dude, dunno your name :() on guitar. Dum Dum Girls also sings way better live than on record. Or at least, I find her voice live to be more interesting. The reverb covers up your voice! Love reverb, but it might not suit yours as much as say, Cassie from Viv Girls.

Besides them, Real Estate played a fucking great show also. Some blog coined them as "Shorecore" and I'z down with that term. Really technically competent, and so fucking tight. Feel the only reason they're not more popular is that they haven't released an album yet, so most people haven't really checked 'em out (Similar to Dinowalrus). Check them out (and Dinowalrus too).

Other highlights: Gary War, Mayfair Set (<3 u Dee Dee), Kevin Failure rapping (actually good. f'realz), Thee Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees mosh, Thee Oh Sees mosh fight, Fresh & Onlys at the afterparty, fireworks going off behind show.

Now for pic highlights:


Michael Jackson is Brown Rice
Chinese take-out place across from MH apparently really loves Michael Jackson.

04-Gary War-02
Supercrush on Gary War's keyboardist. Would make her breakfast. (msg me)

There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.
Hole in Market Hotel stage. Psych Horseshit almost broke a leg through it :(

07-Pyschedelic Horseshit+Kevin Failure-KEVIN WERKIN IT pt.1
Kevin Failure
Kevin Failure WERKIN IT.


03-Real Estate-04
Whilst editing pics, my mom passed by and goes "Oh, the bands look good also". Real Estate. MOTHER APPROVED.

09-Dum Dum Girls-05
<3 u Dee Dee (u 2, Mikey)

Just really liked this shot.

Babies. Babbys.

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