POBPAH vid!/Rocketship!

Oh damn, I just realized that the Pains show at Bowery is sold out. Damn. They've gotten a lot of hype. Oh well, nothing but love (unless they screw up their next album).

But anyways, new vid from them!:
I'll probably try to see them 7/10 at South Street. Kinda like when I rushed to see Boris on 7/10 last year after celebrating my little brother's birthday. Hm. Coincidences? POBPAH = new-Boris!?

In other news:

Oh shhhhhhhhhhh-- Rocketship. Damn. Gotta hunt down 'A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness' now. Now the 'star' of my small, but growing, vinyl collection.

Photography Post v.0.2




I like cool music videos/smh@P4K

This comment is great:
jayney02 (22 hours ago)
have to love any vid with dancers wearing coordinating american apparel leggings

Mr. Blank Dog, who performs masked and clearly spends a great deal of time in his room crafting fuzzy, panic-attack inducing spook-outs like this one.
[From Pitchfork's track review of Blank Dogs 'No Compass']
smh@p4k. He doesn't perform masked! He's just this regular guy, to quote 'Mr. Blank Dogs' himself: "Everybody was expecting masks and a spectacle. A light show and smoke! But I just played it straight".


Photography Post v.0.1

I'm happy I finally got around to scanning my prints. Some of 'em, basically these four, actually turned out pretty nicely I think. Scanning sucks though--completely sucks the life out of the print (unless I mess around with it on whatever image editing software, but even then I'm not good enough to make it look 'organic').

[Black and White flickr set for full size/larger pics]

After being in the class for a few months already, I've actually really taken a liking to the whole developing/printing process (well.. maybe not the developing process, hah). It just feels natural to make the image yourself, adjusting everything to the details you need to manually, etc. I mean, I liked using Photoshop well enough when manipulating digital pics, but it's just not the same as holding the film to the light, as printing the image onto a piece of paper, watching it appear slowly in the developing fluids. It's a completely different experience that's the opposite of detached and I love it for that at least.

Thinking of it now, I love music and shows and all that because it's a detachment from myself (post-rationalizing, of course). It's this instance of not caring and just flowing. With photography, specifically the process of printing, it's just calmness, not really flowing, but maybe rippling.


V/A - Acid Dreams [compilation]

Picked this up today at Other. I was sold at the description 'psych-garage'.
In the late '70s a Berlin record shop owner proved that it had actually been the previous decade that had spawned the off-kilter, angry, young and bored music that became known as punk rock. [<3 u marketing pplz]
This is badass. I want to start a garage rock band in the 60s. I'd go against the British invasion. Fuck the Beatles, fuck the Stones, fuck the Who. I'm gonna rock out in my garage with my best friends who can hardly play instruments. The walls are covered in various drug related paraphernalia and we'll play as loud as we can because we're teenagers and we're never gonna die.

V/A - Acid Dreams

Slowdive - Souvlaki Demos & Outtakes/420

Let's get high in black and white. It's New York City in the early 90s and no one cares anymore. The Cold War is over and they say history is done with. There aren't any more nukes and I'm afraid I'm not afraid, so I'll drown myself in the hazy sounds of a band across the sea. I lie down and blow smoke into the air because no one cares. It's the 90s and history is over.

Slowdive - Souvlaki Demos & Outtakes


Spectrum - Soul Kiss

Being a Spacemen 3 fan, I'm embarrassed to note that I've never actually given Spectrum a listen. If you've listened to S3, you should probably know what to expect:

Mid-tempo [likely] drug-induced soundscapes, occasionally waking into semi-lucid pop songs.
I think that's an apt description.

Spectrum - Soul Kiss (Glide Divine)

They're playing with Psychic Ills and Cheval Sombre on the 29th at Death by Audio. Will be there.


I should update this more/Blank Dogs!

Yeah, been almost a week? Oh well. Big music news/release of the week: Blank Dogs - Under and Under leaked!!!!!

Great album if only for 'No Compass'. I wish that Slow Room were on it also, but that whole 'In Here' preorder fiasco has kinda put that on hold.

New Woods single also. Definitely moving into poppier territory here. I've always been a big fan of their more pop-influenced songs (How to Survive+In the Woods and Songs of Shame/Some Shame are easily their top 2), but this just isn't hitting me right..

Uploaded a bunch of stuff so..
Blank Dogs - Seconds EP

Blank Dogs - Under and Under
Woods - Sunlit 7"
Dum Dum Girls - S/T

Currently listening to this band Gun Outfit and I am very down with it, lo-fi punky stuff. Will probably put up later.


I Need More Indie-Pop Loving Friends/Comet Gain/Pants Yell!

See Title.
4.11.09 - Pants Yell!/Sisters/Knight School/World Atlas @ Dead Herring
Woo! Never been there before. Seems like it'll be an awesomely catchy night. Love Pants Yell! I'm down with both Sisters and Knight School. Haven't seen World Atlas before, myspace sounds like Belle and Sebastian derivative indie-pop, but eh, can't say I'm not down with that; 'sides, they should fit in well with a Pants Yell! headlined show.

4.12.09 - Comet Gain/Crystal Stilts/Cold Cave @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
I'm not exactly sure how Cold Cave fits into this lineup, but it should be great nonetheless. Never seen Comet Gain live before, but I've got my hopes up.

Anyone going to the Pants Yell! show? It will be sick. In the most fun, cutesy, indie-pop way possible.


Myspace Find of the...Day? 2

Sup non-existent readers:

Listen to Little Gold. Ex-member of Woods, which I obviously have much love for.

Less psychedelic. More folky-poppy. Great songwriting. No releases as of yet, but will upload as soon as I find something.

He's playing at Death by Audio next Friday. Definitely there.


Walked around the neighborhood a bit taking photos for photography class. Something about self portraits. Something about no shoes. Art. u no?

Cool! Graffiti!

Lunar landings.

Really cool bookshop. They had a 'zine' on pizza.


Really cool rockets. Does anyone remember that old cartoon on Cartoon Network, about that toddler who'd turn into some space dude and fly into space and shit? It was "dope".

Show was nothing home to write about. All the pics came out bad. Sux. Missed Pink Skull. Sightings was kinda cool. Wasn't into it, but I was down with it. Excepter fucking sucked. I hated them. Pretentious. Boring. etc. Thee Oh Sees was cool. Reminded me of a more rockabilly King Khan. Bell House is nice though. The sound there is great.


4.3.09 - Kurt Vile/Gary War/US Girls/Birds of Maya


Cool show. Gary War's a 3-piece now? Kurt Vile was almost fully acoustic? What's up with bands/people (US Girls) that play effects pedals (Woods)? Birds of Maya was a total throwback to 70s rock.

4.2.09 - Dan Deacon!

Went to NYU the other night after practice to see Dan Deacon. Wasn't really expecting much, since I'm still not a fan of the crowd at the last Dan Deacon show, but this was pretty fun actually. Everyone else was decent, Future Islands was okay. Teeth Mountain was pretty cool; reminded me a bit of Aa, but a bit more dance.

[Teeth Mountain]

[Future Islands] (Only pic that turned out alright.. ish)

[Dan Deacon]

[Rest of pics here]


Tyvek/Woods/Changing Holes/Nymphetes @ DBA; 4.1.09




[Rest of shots here]

Woods threw a great show as always, been improving a lot since I started listening to them last year. Still wish they'd play stuff from "How to Survive In" sometime.

Tyvek was good. I remember liking them more last time I saw them at DBA with caUSE Co-MOTION!, and Crystal Stilts, but oh well.

First two bands were whatever.

Tonight = Dan Deacon @ NYU

Nice Face - ...Can I fuck It?

Nice Face - ...Can I fuck It?

Awesome lo-fi garage punk. Posted link to their myspace earlier, but here it is anyways: Nice Face. Bought two 7" of theirs from Other Music yesterday. Good shit.


Busy Weeks

Don't think I've had a week this filled with shows since the fall. Pretty crazy:

[Mentioning the bands I'm there for]

Tonight (4/1):
Tyvek (now 'Tyvjk'??), Woods @ DBA
Should be fun. Saw Tyvek last fall with Crystal Stilts and Cause Co-Motion! at Death by Audio. Fun garage-punk. Woods is always great, been getting better since I first saw them live last summer.

Tomorrow (4/2):
Dan Deacon, Future Islands @ NYU
Not looking that forward to Future Islands, but Dan Deacon was ridiculously fun last time I saw him at 1896. This is going to be his first time playing on stage though I believe. Will be interesting to see how he works with a full band.

Friday (4/3):
Kurt Vile, Gary War @ Silent Barn; off to La Roux @ Studio B
Yep. Two shows in a night. From lo-fi to electro-pop.

Saturday (4/4):
WFMU Party @ Bell House: Thee Oh Sees, Pink Skull
Really looking forward to this. Hope it doesn't sell out early.