I should update this more/Blank Dogs!

Yeah, been almost a week? Oh well. Big music news/release of the week: Blank Dogs - Under and Under leaked!!!!!

Great album if only for 'No Compass'. I wish that Slow Room were on it also, but that whole 'In Here' preorder fiasco has kinda put that on hold.

New Woods single also. Definitely moving into poppier territory here. I've always been a big fan of their more pop-influenced songs (How to Survive+In the Woods and Songs of Shame/Some Shame are easily their top 2), but this just isn't hitting me right..

Uploaded a bunch of stuff so..
Blank Dogs - Seconds EP

Blank Dogs - Under and Under
Woods - Sunlit 7"
Dum Dum Girls - S/T

Currently listening to this band Gun Outfit and I am very down with it, lo-fi punky stuff. Will probably put up later.


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