Photography Post v.0.1

I'm happy I finally got around to scanning my prints. Some of 'em, basically these four, actually turned out pretty nicely I think. Scanning sucks though--completely sucks the life out of the print (unless I mess around with it on whatever image editing software, but even then I'm not good enough to make it look 'organic').

[Black and White flickr set for full size/larger pics]

After being in the class for a few months already, I've actually really taken a liking to the whole developing/printing process (well.. maybe not the developing process, hah). It just feels natural to make the image yourself, adjusting everything to the details you need to manually, etc. I mean, I liked using Photoshop well enough when manipulating digital pics, but it's just not the same as holding the film to the light, as printing the image onto a piece of paper, watching it appear slowly in the developing fluids. It's a completely different experience that's the opposite of detached and I love it for that at least.

Thinking of it now, I love music and shows and all that because it's a detachment from myself (post-rationalizing, of course). It's this instance of not caring and just flowing. With photography, specifically the process of printing, it's just calmness, not really flowing, but maybe rippling.


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