V/A - Acid Dreams [compilation]

Picked this up today at Other. I was sold at the description 'psych-garage'.
In the late '70s a Berlin record shop owner proved that it had actually been the previous decade that had spawned the off-kilter, angry, young and bored music that became known as punk rock. [<3 u marketing pplz]
This is badass. I want to start a garage rock band in the 60s. I'd go against the British invasion. Fuck the Beatles, fuck the Stones, fuck the Who. I'm gonna rock out in my garage with my best friends who can hardly play instruments. The walls are covered in various drug related paraphernalia and we'll play as loud as we can because we're teenagers and we're never gonna die.

V/A - Acid Dreams


Anonymous said...

Hey just read about this on the OM e-mail, and thus a treat to delve in...and be teenagers and never die!

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