9.12.09 - Real Estate/Desolation Wilderness/Zola Jesus/Big Troubles @ Silent Barn

Great show.

After only listening to them for a day, Big Troubles definitely did not disappoint. Like I said in the previous entry, brilliantly catchy mix of early 90s indie pop with shoegaze, somewhat reminiscent of both the Pains and the Boo Radleys, but definitely hook-y and interesting enough to make themselves stand out (which shouldn't be too hard in the indie-pop and shoegaze deprived NY-tri-state-scene).

But Zola Jesus was really my main draw for the night, and oh man, crushing so hard. I missed out on her last time she came through town because of Woodsist, but since I've seen some other live photos/videos, I was not expecting a solo set. But damn, I'm happy anyways, since the sparseness of just her voice and her little keyboard/drum machine completely amplified the emotional effect of her songs.

Big Troubles
big troubles-01

big troubles-02

big troubles-03

Zola Jesus
1-zola jesus-01

1-zola jesus-02

Desolation Wilderness

2-desolation wilderness-01

2-desolation wilderness-02

Real Estate
3-real estate-01

Last, but not least, Zola Jesus vid:


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