Myspace Find of the...Day?

Nice Face

Thank you Last.fm suggestions. Apparently 'similar' to Blank Dogs, Wavves, Thee Oh Sees, so I decided to check out. Somehow, they're actually kinda right. Pretty cool lo-fi garage-punk. Definitely check out on your free time.
Your songwriting seems pretty rooted in the garage, but I like when the songs start there and end up somewhere else entirely. How much does that have to do with your recording process? Or is it as simple as having varied musical influences? Tell me about them.

A.D.D. is a son of a bitch. i generally get pretty frustrated bordering on psychotic break at least once when recording a song. that's probably what you're hearing. also, i think deep down i just want to write horror movie soundtracks that sound like those old italian horror movies. super blown out creepy weirdness. that being said, i still wish i was in a band that sounded like the Coasters. but that requires talent. and being black. and having a couple of jews write my songs.

I 'lol' at the cover as well.

Heading over to Other Music tomorrow to buy the Exterminator 7" they supposedly have (according to their site)


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