Early May Showlisting

A bit late but..

May 1st, A Place to Bury Strangers/Dinowalrus/Crash Diet Crew @ Less Artists, More Condos
May 2nd, Kurt Vile/Sightings/Gary War @ Silent Barn
May 3rd, King Khan and the Shrines/Mark Sultan @ Santos
May 8th, Crystal Stilts/Blank Dogs/Religious Knives @ Bell House
May 9th, Awesome Color/USAISAMONSTER/Lots of bands @ Market Hotel
May 9th, So Cow/Pink Reason @ DBA
May 10th, Times New Viking/Blues Control/Woods/Blank Dogs @ Market Hotel
*May 14th, Crystal Stilts/Gary War/Nice Face @ Don Pedro's
May 14th, NYC Popfest 09! My Teenage Stride/Knight School @ Cake Shop
May 15th, NYC Popfest 09! Cats on Fire @ Don Hills
May 15th, Dan Deacon/Future Islands/Teeth Mountain @ MH/Brooklyn Backyard
May 16th, NYC Popfest 09! Radio Dept./Pants Yell! @ Bell House
May 17th, Suburban Kids w/Biblical Names (!!!!!!)/Rose Melberg (!!!!!!!!) @ Cake Shop
May 22nd, Holy Fuck/APTBS/Crocodiles @ Music Hall
May 23rd, So So Glos/Double Dagger @ Market Hotel
*May 27th, Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Southpaw
May 29th, Wolfgang Voigt (aka GAS) @ Miller Theater (at Columbia/Uptown U.)

*added later

Popfest is going to be great. I can't believe that Suburban Kids with Biblical Names are playing. Oh man, such a throwback to high school, not that I'm like, "better" than that now, but that I listened to them a lot back in high school, so going there is like reliving my high school indie phase! Memories.

Rose Melberg is also going to be great.


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