V/A - Tomorrow's Hits Now [compilation]

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V/A - Tomorrow's Hits Now
[Summershine compilation]

Great, great compilation from Australian twee/indiepop label Summershine. Standout tracks are the two perfect indie-pop tracks by Autohaze, the noisy lo-fi pop "To Be Found" by Blindside (echoes of Strawberry Wine-era MBV, big shoes to fill, but trust me, it's really fucking good), the sweet, Lucksmiths-ish, twee-pop of Honeybunch's "Mine Your Own Business", and the 60's-inflected-pop song "Town I Won't Recall" by Rainyard.

But don't get me wrong, those aren't the only good tracks, definitely give this a listen through if you're any sort of indie-pop fan at all.


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