Screaming Females - What if Someone is Watching Their T.V.?

Ah, rough week.
It's good to have some fucking awesome NJ punk to listen to then.

Screaming Females - What if Someone is Watching Their T.V.?

Saw them play with Double Dagger, So So Glos, and Air Waves (missed Videohippos) last Saturday at Market Hotel, and they were amazing live. It's always great to see a band you've never listened to completely blow you away when you see them live. I was very ready to join the moshing.

[Screaming Females] One of my favorite 'new' 'discoveries' in a whiiiile. Like damn. This shit's intense. She rocks that guitar. <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_NmQ9N07ebdk/Sh37MNWAMjI/AAAAAAAAAFo/WLaAxgQe618/s1600-h/5-23-09-double+dagger-3.jpg">

Double Dagger kicked ass as well of course. Still haven't gotten around to listen to their albums (sorry webb!) but they throw a great show. Propz to the tiny girl moshing in front of me. You got balls.

Actually missed out on the first half of the So So Glos set after recovering from the Double Dagger set downstairs, but it was still pretty fun. What else can I say about a band I've seen before? Consistently fun to watch and listen to, even if they don't really push any boundaries.

Rest of the pics are Here.


Anonymous said...

yooooooo da fuck is an m4a

Brian said...

haha i convrted it to mp3.

jus 4 uuuu

carrie mundane said...

for the past week ive only listened to screaming females basically. and xtra.

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