Gary War - Opens CS

Oh damn.

Gary War - Opens CS is a live WFMU session released on cassette by Captured Tracks. Unlike the softer, more relaxed lo-fi psychedelia on New Raytheonport, Opens bursts forth with a sped-up, intimidating and muscular version of Good Clues. This drastic change is actually pulled off well, creating a much more lively show than what I expect the album played straight up would have given us.

Good Clues (live)
Download the release (and album, and singles) at Gary War's blog.

Other news: This is going to be a great show. Still not the biggest Crystal Stilts fan ever, but I'd be down for this, especially with both Gary War and Nice Face opening. Not too familiar with Nerve City but oh well, 2 Great bands, 1 Good band, 1 unknown, and curated by Sacred Bones? I'm down.


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